Pad 39A Launching SpaceX First Mission

SpaceX’s decision to launch its first crew mission on pad 39A is a befitting honor for the launchpad. The launch is going to send out two veteran astronauts, Bob and Doug. The two will be aboard Crew Dragon and head for the International Space Station. The mission is to check on the astronauts currently there and give a report of life in space. The test flight is going to take off at 2033 GMT. 

The Crew Dragon is the first of US shuttles to launch in the previous eight years. This move marks the resurgence of the US in active space launches. The launch is also on a famous launch pad 39A. 

Launchpad 39A is essential for the launch of spacecraft into the moon. The start has been inactive for an extended period, and the SpaceX launch is a positive indicator of future advancement. The pad was famous for Saturn V launch in 1973. This historic launch was to investigate the earth’s orbit. Various research papers are other accruals for this mission. 

There have also been over 100 space shuttle launches on this pad. The pad is, therefore, a landmark in the space industry. With the invasion of SpaceX, the pad expects to witness numerous space launches and test flights. 

Elon Musk is careful to expand the complex to accommodate its upcoming rockets. It implies that the launch pad is going to experience substantial technological upgrades to meet international standards. A mission on the launchpad after acquisition by SpaceX in 2017 is evidence that the launchpad is still spatially active. 

Additionally, there follows a series of Falcon launches spanning through 2019. The latest launch is the current Crew Dragon this year. There are high expectations that this capsule must collect the research in the International Space Station. This research is to gear the further invasion of space for other lifeforms. 

The Crew Dragon’s launch is the best shot by SpaceX since the rocket is custom-made with advanced technology. This technology includes touchscreen controls. This advancement is to ensure the safety and reliability of the astronauts through the voyage. NASA is eager to send the veteran experts to gather intelligence concerning space exploration. The mission is going to evaluate the feasibility of the spacecraft for advanced space pursuits.

Finally, the dimensional modification of the launchpad is to ensure safe tests and cater to various safety rules. This project is to maximize the use of the land around the pad. The pad must sustain space launch for the upcoming launches.

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