New Uses of Geospatial Technologies Crop Up

It is said that Geographical data companies can help in this season it would be unimaginable. Nevertheless, these companies indeed have the potential to open up doors not accessible before. Geospatial data companies are now assisting in monitoring the worldwide impact of the coronavirus outbreak by utilizing overhead satellite imagery and data analysis applications. By using these systems, they predict possible outcomes like deficits in supply and focus on areas in which new incidents can occur.

Carissa Christensen, the CEO of Bryce Space and Technology, recently stated that the epidemic brings an unexpected worldwide project that puts the focus on the usefulness of satellites. While the technology developed long ago, the value of satellites to gather crucial information will drive potential legislative and policy choices henceforth 

Geospatial analytical companies recently published their marketing pitches to illustrate how acquired data on pandemics in converted into intelligence. While doing a brief showing, Black Sky presented the findings from a study of satellite-based imagery. The images come from different American cities investigating the steps people use to bridge the social gap, and if the effects of the pandemic trigger economic strain. Data obtained from MasonCity, Ohio, shows that early reports from the marginal effects of the pandemic, several large factories began shutting at the end of March.

The epidemic increases concern as to the usefulness of data to not only support policy reaction but also train policymakers on the potential occurrence of such crises in the foreseeable future 

Geographic information systems providing information will aid the decision-making processes and also before it arises, so we can adequately prepare.  Through tracking human actions, like crowds sizes in Florida beaches, policymakers will predict possible epidemic outbreaks and organize capital to tackle it. 

Implications of a disease outbreak like COVID-19 do not arise only from the epidemic itself but from all repercussions over the next couple of years. Such daily experiences are clear markers of our cultures that allow us to plan for action properly

As part of the geospatial monitoring agencies, the space agency’s supply Earth-based satellite data and analytics. This involvement is by far the best outcome despite the economic downturn induced by this pandemic in a recent market research report.

However, a review by Quilty Analytics reveals that satellite imagery companies and statistical service providers are incredibly qualified to survive the hurricane. While the pandemic continues to spread, there is a new revelation to new uses linked to already existing technologies.

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