Mars 2020 Rover set for a Launch

During a press conference released on April 15 by The Planetary Society, a space activism organization, Bridenstine affirmed the significance of Mars 2020, saying that the exchange crew and Mars 2020 are the two significant challenges that the agency faces. These are the top priorities the organization has to solve. Bridenstine also noted that Mars 2020 is a necessity since the expense of NASA would have been borne if the project will not launch this summer. Bridenstine goes on to state the importance of launching. Should the agency miss out on this launch opportunity, it’ll cost the American taxpayer close to $500 million in a two-year payment. However, there is a risk to have the project scrapped off altogether if it doesn’t prove successful 

He said that the staff worked and could maintain the schedule. We’ve done everything we can to secure this team at Cape and to help it. For example, KSC requires extra office space such that staff may retain an acceptable physical distance while they do not operate on the spacecraft in the clean area.

Thomas Zurbuchen, the NASA research associate president, informed the NASA city hall in NASA on March 20 that if the usage of commercial aviation was no longer deemed free, the department should propose utilizing NASA aircraft to transport equipment and personnel to KSC, an idea he called “Persistence Airlines.”

We were able to protect NASA Study Aircraft’s usage for shuttles around Cape and California, and we were able to hold them away from public places, and civil airlines, which I think has played a crucial role not just in morality but also in the health and access they face to COVID-19, he stated.

Mars 2020 has become a big goal for the organization itself, in addition to being a strong focus for NASA’s research program. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has described this and the forthcoming SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft crew test flight as the two main programs of the organization in the coming months on many occasions.

In a 2 part video series part made in April, Bridenstine shared her gratitude to NASA staff for their on-going efforts through the pandemic. Everything we will be achieving this summer would completely shock the planet. For the first stage after the removal of spacecraft earlier in 2011, the agency plans to fly American Astronauts on American space touring vehicles.  He continued to state that only then can the agency reverse its course and fly the Mars Perseverance.

Bridenstine echoes on why the Mars 2020, stating that the commercial crew and Mars 2020 were two main projects that we already have as an organization.

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