Hypergiant is manufacturing reprogrammable constellation of satellites with the Air Force

Hypergiant Industries is functioning on constructing a new constellation of 36 satellites with the U.S. Air Force; a reprogrammable system that the firm believes will be required as the low Earth orbit test array.

The company initially pitched the idea of a satellite constellation that could amend mission and functionality profiles on the fly on a real-time basis developing information and scenarios in January. The company confirmed to C4ISRNET that Hypergiant has since received financial support in the form of the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research funding for their Chameleon Constellation. During the last days of June, they reported the launching of the prototype lump in their system and the firm is moving to initiate their satellites on-orbit as soon as possible with their initial launch set for early 2021.

The interest of the Defense Department in the reprogrammable satellites has developed in current years as the military toils to take action to evolve risks. The military’s customary approach of assembling small constellations of large, superb, expensive satellites that take more time to build up and are engineered to have a lifespan of more than ten years on-orbit is just not receptive enough for some pressures.

One explanation with swelling buy-in from Pentagon is the reproduced constellations working in the low Earth orbit (LEO) constituted of dozens or more of minute, relatively affordable satellites that are reinstated after few years. Because the satellites are continually being reinstated by newer versions, DOD executives can be sure that the software and hardware on orbit are updated. Space Development Agency has been on the lead in the attempts of the department in building its own reproduced LEO constellation.

A second and balancing strategy is to manufacture satellites that are reprogrammable on-orbit; the software enabling upgrades gives users more suppleness in adjusting to the technology to the current need. 

To develop this reprogrammable constellation, Hypergiant will be partnering with Air Force to use its One System Platform as the foundation of the constellation’s architecture. 

Ben Lamm, who is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), told C4ISRNET that Platform One offers DevSecOps/Software Services having baked-in safety to DOD programs.  The Chameleon Constellation is set to exploit the United States of America’s Air Force protected, toughened, as well as accredited the Platform One system as opening layer for the architecture of the constellation. He added that the collaboration will guarantee the space better technical benefits to the Air Force with the capability of updating satellites. 

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