Odisha uses satellite technical know-how to avoid infringement of government land

Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, revealed on Wednesday that BLUIS would observe any change in all lands owned by the government in Bhubaneswar by producing satellite images with high resolution.

The infringement of government land in Bhubaneswar capital city will no longer be effortless for land graspers. The Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligence System (BLUIS), which is a mobile and web-based solution, initiated by the government of Odisha, would get alarmed over efforts to alter the land usage.
Taking the technology of 5T license forward, the Odisha government has initiated a green technology aimed at preventing infringement on the government land. The technical know-how is dubbed BLUIS (Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligent System) and has been undertaken by the government of Odisha to help monitor the swelling number of grabbing events.
Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister on Wednesday, revealed that BLUIS would watch changes in every government land in Bhubaneswar by influencing high-resolution satellite pictures. They were, therefore, making Odisha the first state in the nation to valve space knowledge and artificial intellect for protecting government lands.
BLUIS is the chief expansion of the GA &PG Dept on which web and the mobile answer has been created to observe changes in every government’s land by giving satellite images of very high resolution. According to the government, BLUIS is a geo-tagged warehouse for the properties owned by the government. A senior official confirmed highlighting on real-time supervision that Bhubaneswar is among the fastest rising cities in India, witnessing the changes in land use on a day to day living. In the course, valuable public land is prone to infringement. The current detection and enforcement mechanism lack enough accountability and transparency. He added that a portable application would notify the law enforcers of any new building on the government lands. The GPS installed on the app directs the enforcement workforce to the exact locality. Enforcement evidence is then shared on the application as geo-tagged pictures and clips. He added that as per the follow-up act, a lawsuit would be filed for eradicating the encroachment.
The Litigation Management System, which is an information recording online application of legal cases and allows end-to-end communication between government officers and advocates throughout different stages of a lawsuit, was also initiated.
It offers a smart technology solution to supervise cases in court from initiation, online meeting set, and allocation of the case to government activists for submission and preparation of counter affirmation.

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