Does everyone in your lab follow the most basic and important biosafety rules?

Well, now there’s no excuse for them not to. INTEGRA Biosciences has produced a lab safety poster that every lab should have, detailing the key rules to follow to protect yourself, your colleagues, the environment and the general population from exposure to potentially harmful biological agents. The new poster covers crucial topics such as:

  • good practice principles;
  • dos and don’ts;
  • personal protection;
  • managing lab waste;
  • and accidents and incidents.

Proper training, hand hygiene and aerosol control are just a few things covered that every lab manager should consider to ensure that their lab is as safe as it can be. And now all this key information can be available at a glance. The poster is based on one of INTEGRA’s helpful blogs, entitled “The most important lab safety rules everyone should follow”.

The lab safety poster will be available to download, to get your copy:


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