Lucid Motors plans to unleash its electric cars to customers come 2021.

Image courtesy: Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is ready to manufacture luxurious EVs at its Arizona factory after two months delay owing to the coronavirus pandemic. In an online clip, the firm says that they are going to resume the production of Lucid Air cars at its Casa Grande factory in Arizona. The firm plans to finalize the first phase of the project this year and restart its vehicle development program in California after delays from the health regulations about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Lucid Motors plan to present a virtual view of the new EVs, especially its interior and exterior designs, at the September 9th online launch. The firm says that more specifications will also follow concerning production, design, and price adjustments.

Peter Rawlinson, who is Lucid Motors CEO, in a statement, said that they are determining a lucrative way to sustain their employees for the upcoming EVs project. This move is to retain its employees, especially during this historic trying moment.

With the new normal, Lucid Motors plans to expand its workforce and finalize construction to lay a foundation for the incoming production equipment. The company adds that the installation and erection of production facilities are to attain the objectives they have set for the EVs project. Lucid intends to initialize prototype production for its electric vehicle’s assembly line. The schedule for the roll-out of this production is this year, with the first EVs launch in 2021.

The pandemic is proving to be a fertile employment factor with Lucid Motors hiring over 100 new people within the last three months. Lucid hopes to hire more people to fill up the spaces in the electric vehicles project before 2021.

The completion of the Arizona factory is vital in marking the company’s venture into electric vehicles after a decade since its initiation. Earlier, this company, which by then was Atieva, intended to delve into EV battery technology. The transition to electric cars is a warrant that came with the company changing to Lucid Motors in 2016.

Initially, the company’s projects were for developing the electric car’s batteries from the Li-ion cells to store renewable energy essential for the propulsion of the EVs. The subsequent industrial quietness of the firm culminates in their efforts to accrue funds for the capital-intensive project of manufacturing vehicles.

Finally, Lucid Motors’ success in acquiring Saudi Arabia’s sovereign funds indicted the company for rolling out the car assembly program. The final outlay is a clear indication of the success of the retail strategy by the firm.

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