India as the Next Tesla Hub

Tesla Motors continues to change the scope of transportation and what it can do. As a frontier in research for upcoming discoveries in transit, Tesla wants it’s reach to spread into other regions in the Middle East including India 

The company’s launch in 2003 began by a couple of engineers. However, Tesla now registers as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. By 2019 it was the best electric Edgar designer and pioneer of the electric vehicle craze. However the company also ventured further to develop batteries and recently became the world’s battery king 

However, the tesla story does not only involve cars. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and director have his shoes in other projects, including SpaceX. His spend exploration company recently launched an exploration probe to space that aired live. Musk is also the founder and former CEO of money transfer company PayPal as well as The Boring Company 

The latest investment in Tesla’s roster seems to be in India. India’s automotive scene is a tricky situation at the moment. The market fully envelopes the use of IC engines while the government plans to roll out its EV plans for the transport sector. However, India’s demand for ICs keeps EV development at bay. 

Despite the high preference for ICs, India’s emissions levels are high. For this reason, the government rolled out plans to have India dependent on EVs. Legislations concerning emissions continue being strict in India, with more vehicles coming to a fault. As part of the program to shift to EV, the Indian government will implement full use of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers by 2025 

The plans provide five years for EV implementation in India. The idea, while ambitious, is very plausible. However, to realize the dream, the Indian government has to invest heavily in the market 

India’s market experienced a boom recently with an uptake in EV entries. However, several startups have emerged to take up the challenge in Indias EV gap. Yet many of these startups significant by selling cheaper imports from China. This outcome poses an excellent opportunity for authentic dealers to cash in on the prospects 

The EV market is an expanding venture. While its beginning came as a cause to no end, the idea has spread far and wide to encompass a growing demand with ties in most world economies. India has the potential to take the EV mantle and take it even further . However, the government has to put necessary actions in place to ensure the plan becomes a success 

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