Minnesota City to add more Electric Vehicles Chargers.

The takeover in mobility by electric vehicles is inevitable with this realization, ST. PETER, one of the major cities in Minnesota, is planning to add more electric charging stations to its downtown by the end of summer this year. To achieve this, the city has already approved a purchase of a fast-charging station worth $29,213 from the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency or SMMPA. The agency also plans to supply the city with another fast charger and two slow charging stations. The city council has also identified two sites that will be the first beneficiaries of this new development. They include the St Peters co-op parking lot and another parking lot on the 100 blocks of Nassau Street, both of which are on city-owned land. Work sessions have already begun on the co-op site, and chargers for this location are set to be arriving by mid-June.

The city council mainly chose SMMPA as a partner in this project as it offers lower prices and source chargers from ZEF energy in bulk. Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency supplying the city with a fast charger and two slow chargers is part of an extensive effort to enhance and build electric vehicle charging infrastructure in great Minnesota. This elaborate strategy will help break the barriers of transitioning from gasoline to electric mobility. One of the main hindrances to the purchase of electric vehicles is range anxiety, where drivers are cautious of taking long trips due to power uncertainty. With this addition of charging stations to the already existing ones such as the station at Gustavus Adolphus College and Best Western Plus, city dwellers will no longer have range anxiety issues.

The fast-charging stations can charge an EV to near full capacity in about 20-30 minutes and is ideal for those people in a hurry to get somewhere. The slow chargers, on the other hand, offer a smaller boost over a more extended period and can be ideal for those people who want to do some shopping and top off their vehicles. The module of payment for the two different chargers might be different. The city council in St Peters is considering applying the use of a swipe card system on the fast charging option, while the slow charging option will probably be free. According to the city, this will make a compelling persuasion for more people to shift from gas-to-electric mobility. This will also prepare the city for a surge in electric vehicle usage as it will have the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicle charging.

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