The electric vehicle revolution of India is wedged at 25 kmph, with Ather’s strategy being for quicker scooters

The automobile industry of India experienced one of the tiniest points in the 2019-2020 financial year history. Fighting to enhance consumer sentiment while demand for new vehicles fell significantly, the Indian car industry experienced a plummet of their sales in the past 15 months. Nevertheless, it appeared consumers interested in electric cars did not waver much. The electric vehicle industry of India reported ha growth of 20 percent in the past fiscal year.

The electric vehicle sales went from 130,000 units to 156,000, while 152,000 of the units alone came from the two-wheeler electric segment. Electric mobility of India will be motivated by two-wheelers for quite a while. Amid the electric two-wheelers, it appears that the most popular electric two-wheelers kind in India are the scooters that add up to 97 percent of it. What is fascinating is that 9 out of every ten electric bikes sold in India are models of low speed that are limited to an utmost 25 kmph speed.

It is because these models are highly economical and cheap, and they could cheaply be affordable in the markets. Besides, according to regulations, scooters of low speed having a maximum speed of 25 kmph do not need registration and do not need a two-wheeler license. Owners do not necessarily need helmets since the speed rate is way too low for a rider to need a helmet. 

We contacted the Chief Business Officer of Ather Energy, Ravneet Phokela, intending to discuss whether Ather, which is one of the most successful start-ups E2W makers of India, is engrossed in tapping the market’s large section with a slow speed model. Phokela confirmed that their focus is to keep on providing customers with a pleasant ownership experience via a high quality and well-designed products and that they do not intend to be in the market of the low-spec end. He added that they do not trust that is the proper method of growing the market.

Phokela added that currently, lower presentation spec electric two-wheelers add up to a noteworthy chunk only due to lack of an alternative. He said that they would witness a change in forthcoming days with fresh and current brands launching more resourceful and dominant electric two-wheelers that are almost to equal or better when it comes to performance compared to their ICE equivalents

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