The Startup Says those Ultra-capacitors will change electric cars faster than filling it with gas

Fewer technologies state that in three to five years, ultra-capacitors can offer the range of an EV drive at an average rate daily.  For third years old Estonian entrepreneur Taavi Madiberk, the only good year was 2019. Skeleton Technologies, the ultra-capacitor producer, co-founded ten years ago. He accepted over (€150m) $161m of innovative contracts in the transportation, automotive, grid, and industrial sectors, which were highlights in the Global Cleantech one-hundred in the 6th time in the row. The company signed an agreement with Skoda that Skoda should power 114trams in three big cities across Germany. Then the deal with Medcom puts the technology of the company into new trams of Warsaw. At the end of the year, skeleton technologies conveyed 48 systems after leading German OEM. Another agreement with one of the most significant truck OEMs and it delivered ultra-capacitors for good engine starting.

The year that was a breakthrough for us was 2019.  In the first half of 2019, we got our production qualifying with big grid, automotive, and industrial companies. Hence this has led to signing the first good deal. Though it is only the start and we’ve probably achieved about one percent of the market potential.  Ultra-capacitor is also known as super-capacitor technology. It is a technology of energy storage that provides almost instant charging, high power density approximately its instant discharging hand long lifetimes.  However, the technology of the ultra-capacitor has been a process of development for decades, and it has reached a state that it can be implemented broadly in some industries. 

According to Madiberk, the technology replaces the old lead-acid battery as it matures; hence it will have various sectors that are very critical in the future. Public transportation is one of these sectors, where ultra-capacitor has one million lifecycles. Therefore it makes it have some merits over batteries that have two-thousand to three-thousand cycles. Ultra-capacitor takes advantage of kinetic energy that is recovers when the vehicle brakes since they charge faster. Skeleton Technology states that it is energy-storage systems for Skoda trams that are in Germany. Also, Medcom trams for Warsaw places keep about 30 percent of energy; hence it improves the efficiency of transportation. Developing a better technology that has a pleasant background environment has led to climate change, and it is a business opportunity for some companies. Cleantech technologies aim to fight against change in the climate. Europe has a chance to top the transition to a carbon-neutral economy globally.

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