COVID-19 did not come from the outer space

 The continued spread of Coronavirus pandemic all over the world; people have panicked, and are seeking for explanations and answers. One conspiracy theory that made its way around the internet is that the Coronavirus originated from outer space.

News flash: The virus did not originate from outer space, as speculated in the conspiracy theory.

In recent times, Chandra Wickramasinghe, famous for his job in astrobiology and astronomy, spread the rumor that the virus was staying on a comet and a bit of the comet that might have fallen to our planet during a small fireball incident over China in the month of October 2019. Besides, he implied that comets ferrying viruses might have led to the outbreaks in the past also.

Wickramasinghe asserted in the past that another disease, named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), also originated from space. He even co-authored a book with Fred Hoyle back in 1970 called “Diseases from Space,” and for many years, he attempted to prove that infections such as SARS or influenza originate from space.

However, experts have rebuked the suggestions of Wickramasinghe that any such diseases might have celestial origins, and his recommendations have majorly been regarded pseudoscience, or in other words, bad science.

Graham Lau, who is an astrobiologist told the that it would be extraordinary to ascertain that a virus would survive the radiation exposure to it on such a long journey through infinite space, and still be in a position to transmit the virus to humans after it landed. He added that while it would be a groundbreaking and incredibly unique discovery, Wickramasinghe does not have any confirmation to back his claims.

Lau stated that it is one of those scenarios where bizarre claims need extraordinary evidence. He added that even though it is a fascinating idea, they just do not have any basis to embrace the concept at the moment.

He added that, according to him, experts must point out wrong scientists. He stressed that if it were real, it would be great, and however, they just cannot let themselves embrace the feel-good wrap up without necessarily doing their due diligence as scientists.

Lau said that if that thing had a different type of bimolecular in it, which is different from life as they know it, then there would be essential to investigate whether the virus exhibited extraterrestrial origins.